Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Stuff to Check Out

I have a habit of posting random stuff in the IVLE Discussion Forum for CS3216 in past classes. One student suggested that instead of posting them in IVLE to post them on this blog. I will still continue to post random stuff in the IVLE Discussion Forum this year, but what I will also do is to continue adding stuff to this list as we go along. Thanks to the Internet, there is so much knowledge and wisdom out there that's accessible with a click of a button. It would be criminal not to learn from them. :-)

Anyhow, here some of the interesting stuff to read/check out:

  1. Steve Job's Stanford Commencement Speech 2005 (Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish)

  2. The Art of Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  3. Adrian Tan's NTU Convocation Speech

  4. Randy's Lecture on Time Management

  5. David Rose on Pitching

  6. How Bill Gates hopes to make a difference

  7. Nick Vujicic

  8. Barry Schwartz on Common Sense/Wisdom

  9. Pattie Maes on Sixth Sense, a next-generation Minority-Report-like user interface.

  10. Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success

  11. Anthony Robbins: The Power of Clarity & Purpose

  12. Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge

  13. Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs

  14. The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination, JK Rowling

  15. Secrets of a $110 million dollar man

  16. Be lucky - it's an easy skill to learn

  17. Is Your Life Just One Big RPG? Part I, Part II, Part III

  18. Anthony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better

  19. Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

  20. Paul Graham: The Power of the Marginal

Note: this is an old blog entry that I moved forward in time.